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Tempo Eco Green plasterboard access panel push release


The best
inspection hatches
at low prices
At Tempo Matériaux, the access hatch adapts to your needs. Gain easy access to your technical installations, sanitary pipes and more with our high-quality inspection hatches. Whether for technical ducts, ceilings or partitions, our hatches are easy to install, blend seamlessly into your cladding and won’t damage it.
The inspection hatch specialist
Discover our catalog of access doors and their various color, shape and size options. Gypsum plasterboard, metal or custom-built access doors, we’ve got it all!
Access panel for professionals
The widest choice of European-made access doors at the best price.

Metal inspection hatch
Insulated inspection hatch
Access hatch for tiling
Ceiling inspection hatch
Plasterboard access hatch
100% airtight inspection hatch
Circular inspection hatch
Ceiling inspection hatch
Ceiling inspection hatch ba 13
Ceiling inspection hatch ba 15
Wall inspection hatch
Inspection hatch wall ba 13
Inspection hatch wall ba 15
Perforated inspection hatch
Stainless steel inspection hatch
Inspection hatch ba 18
Inspection hatch ba 25