The hatch that adapts to your needs!

Customized access doors for a personalized experience

Tempo Matériaux offers you a made-to-measure access hatch fully customized to your needs. Looking for a tiling access panel or a bathtub access panel? Ceiling or wall-mounted, our inspection hatches are perfectly suited to all ceiling systems, technical ducts, attics, crawl spaces and partitions. As our customers can attest, our products offer excellent value for money.

Custom-made access doors: reliable and easy to install

Our made-to-measure access panel is quick and easy to install. If you follow the instructions on the technical data sheet, you’ll be able to assemble it without a hitch. We use first-class materials to ensure the reliability and safety of our products. Waterproof, watertight and acoustic, this access hatch will meet all your needs. Add a designer touch with the different colors we offer: red, yellow, gray, dark blue and many more. Discover our catalog to familiarize yourself with our products and choose your access panel.

Build your access hatch in 3 steps:


Type of inspection hatch.

Choose the right type of hatch for your installation.


Size and color.

Select the right size and color for your interior.


Opening system

Choose the most secure opening system for your application.

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Choose your access panel

Select your options to refine your search for the access panel you need!

Plasterboard access hatch

The gypsum plasterboard access panel is ideal for use with gypsum plasterboard ceiling systems. Made from the finest materials, our hatches guarantee quality and practicality. All our access hatches are suitable for different thicknesses of plasterboard (ba 6, ba 10, ba 13, ba 15, ba 18, ba 25) so you can find the right hatch for you! Our hatches are also suitable for gypsum plasterboard from well-known brands such as Placo, Siniat, Knauf, etc. So you're sure to find the trap that's just right for you!
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Worldwide delivery

Enjoy fast, efficient international delivery in just a few clicks. Give us an address and we’ll deliver your products as soon as possible.