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Tempo Eco Green plasterboard access panel push release


La trappe de visite qui se fond dans le décor

High-quality plasterboard access panel

The gypsum plasterboard access panel is the ideal solution for a discreet appearance in any situation. Whether it’s a bathtub access h atch or an attic access hatch, this high-quality product is available in a variety of models. Wall- and ceiling-mounted, you’ll be able to take advantage of an inspection hatch suitable for partitions, technical ducts, ceilings, crawl spaces, etc.

Gypsum plasterboard access panel: discreet and effective

Our inspection hatches can be installed quickly and easily by following our instructions. They are efficient, airtight, dustproof and safe. You can cover your plasterboard with the same material as your cladding – perfect for an access hatch that blends in with the décor! Easily access your technical installations with a simple press of the button. Our access doors are made from the finest materials, to the satisfaction of our customers.