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Tempo Softline metal access panel Cylindrical key


Faites des économies !

Metal access panel at the best price

Our hatches adapt to your needs. Whether you need a bathtub access h atch or a tiling access hatch, this product can be used for all types of surfaces. Easily access service shafts, attics, crawl spaces and more with a simple press or key. Our water-repellent access panel can be customized. Choose from a wide range of colors (light and dark shades) and dimensions to select the right access panel for you! The finest materials are selected and used in the manufacture of our access panels to ensure the best possible experience.

The metal access panel: all-purpose and customizable

Our access doors are available in a wide range of sizes, from 150x150mm through 600x600mm to 1200mm in standard and custom sizes. Combine savings and reliability with metal access doors. A genuine top-of-the-range product, this access hatch provides acoustic insulation, air and dust tightness and easy opening. Read the testimonials of our delighted customers.