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Custom-made access hatch

Discover our custom-made access doors at the best price. With Tempo Matériaux, it’s easy to access your home’s technical components without worrying about damaging the siding.
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Choose your access panel

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Quality access covers at the best price

At Tempo Matériaux, access doors are tailored to your needs. Gain easy access to your technical installations, sanitary pipes and more, with our top-quality inspection hatches. Whether for technical ducts, ceilings or partitions, our hatches are easy to install, blend seamlessly into your cladding and won’t damage it.
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Top-of-the-range plasterboard access doors

Plasterboard access hatch

The plasterboard access panel
is ideal for plasterboard ceilings and technical ducts. Made from the finest materials, our hatches guarantee quality and practicality. All our access hatches are suitable for different thicknesses of pl asterboard (ba 6, ba 10, ba 13, ba 15, ba 18, ba 25) so you can find the right hatch for you! Our hatches are also suitable for gypsum plasterboards from well-known brands such as Placo, Siniat, Knauf, etc. So you’re sure to find the trap that’s just right for you!
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Customize your access panel

Fire-resistant access hatch

At Tempo Matériaux, satisfying your needs is essential! We offer you fire-resistant manholes to ensure effective fire protection and optimum thermal insulation.
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Quality products at low prices

Metal inspection hatch

The metal inspection hatch
combines economy and reliability. Acoustically insulated, airtight and dustproof, and available in a range of colors, these hatches offer a host of advantages at unbeatable prices. Wall or ceiling mounting, you’re sure to make the right choice when you trust Tempo Matériaux, and our customers can testify to this.
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Enjoy fast, efficient international delivery in just a few clicks. Give us an address and we’ll deliver your products as soon as possible.
The hatch to match your interior

Visitor hatches in every color

Customize your access panel with a wide range of colors: blue, yellow, red, orange, gray and many others.
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