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Fire-Star SW Softline EI60 inspection hatch


Fini les pertes de chaleur !

Fire-resistant access hatch for optimum insulation

At Tempo Matériaux you can benefit from a high-quality fire-resistant access hatch. Adaptable to a variety of substrates (partition walls, technical ducts, false ceilings, etc.), this clever opening is the perfect solution to your needs, while providing effective insulation!

The fire-resistant access hatch: combating heat loss

The fire-resistant access hatch is an insulated access hatch that will help you save energy. By limiting thermal bridges, you can avoid heat loss in summer and fresh air loss in winter, while enjoying the benefits of a top-of-the-range hatch. Our hatches are quick and easy to install, just follow our instructions. We guarantee the highest quality for our hatches, which are assembled using top-quality materials!